About Us

NedGraphics™ is a leading developer of CAD software solutions created specifically for apparel and retail, home furnishings, flooring design, and various other textiles. NedGraphics products allow designers to exercise full creative freedom while improving efficiency, productivity, and accuracy to create production-ready artwork. For 37 years, NedGraphics has worked directly with top companies in the retail and apparel, home decor, and floor design industries, inspiring creativity by developing new and improved solutions tailored specifically to customers’ needs. NedGraphics provides dedicated tools for print, woven, and knitted fabric design, carpet and tuft, color management and calibration, merchandising and more.
NedGraphics enables its clients to improve their sales by minimizing time to market, optimizing product development flow and reducing sampling costs. Each software solution is offered in a fully integrated modular system to guarantee the current and future operational performance.

NedGraphics was acquired in 2014 by the parent company FOG Software Group, a division of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU). FOG Software Group acquires, manages, and builds software companies in a variety of vertical markets, enabling them to be clear leaders in their industries.