NedGraphics Calibration

Calibration is an environment that NedGraphics sets up in order to manage color as accurately as possible. It is recommended to save time and to maximize productivity. Your calibration solution is fully supported by NedGraphics, which means that your software and color expertise is all conveniently located under one roof!
Traditional color management processes often involve manually matching a printout back to a specific color standard. While this is a simple, effective process requiring no specialized equipment, it is extremely time consuming and ineffective over a long period of time. Colors must be re-matched from version to version and each time a new printer is added or replaced.
With advanced color management using NedGraphics Calibration, your environment is set up to operate with a standardized screen to print, printer to printer, and screen to screen color match, even across multiple office locations! NedGraphics Calibration also reads spectrophotometer data, QTX/CXF formats and other digital color library standards for quick color matching, allowing your CAD team to spend less time color matching and more time designing next seasons’ apparel, home, or flooring lines.