Easy Coloring Pro

Easy Coloring Pro is a user-friendly, yet sophisticated program offering users a unified and accurate color management system. The software addresses the entire color workflow from initial concept through final production. Easy Coloring Pro allows designers and color industry experts alike the ability to quickly recolor prints, wovens, knits, and graphic files.
The software automatically matches the desired color standard on virtually any output devise. Design coloration and color research can be applied to files originating from any other NedGraphics software, as well as most other design packages. You will be amazed how much fun this solution can be, while making beautiful colorings of your designs and products.
Easy Coloring Pro offers one of the most advanced color calibration engines available today, ensuring color fidelity from monitor to printer to final product.

Features & Benefits:

  • Create color variations for any type of design or fabric including prints, knits, wovens, wallcoverings, and floorcoverings.
  • Save and manage all color variations within one main file.
  • Input custom color atlases that correspond with seasonal colors, collection colors, color libraries, and color trends.
  • Utilize color palettes, maximizing the total number of colors achievable on any output device.
  • Match color standards precisely on any output printer without trial and error.
  • Realistic prediction of fall-on colors according to dye types and substrates.
  • Color calibration environment that matches color from one monitor to another, then from the monitor to the to the printer for both paper and digitally printed fabric.
  • Direct spectrophotometer interfaces measure, compare, and match colors.
  • Import and export digital color file formats for the most accurate communication of color with customers and vendors.
  • Apply monitor and printer profiles using NedGraphics calibration standards.
  • Real-time color gamut indication for related device profiles.
  • Print images with color chips and all related color information.