Storyboard & Cataloging Pro

Storyboard and Cataloging Pro is a sophisticated and unique apparel and textile design application for the creation of presentations, storyboards, line sheets, product collections, inspiration boards, color trend sheets, and catalog pages. It is an invaluable tool for apparel designers who need to present fabric designs, garment sketches, and color standards with all related merchandising content.
Just about any type of graphic file can be accessed through the use of dedicated file browsers and the content manipulated with simple drag and drop positioning with no limitations on layering, ordering, and grouping. Once completed, the presentation can be saved. When opened again, all of the objects are still fully editable.
Users can import objects from other software applications and the program remembers the source. Double-clicking on the object will automatically launch the source application and any editing that is done will automatically update on the presentation.
Storyboard and Cataloging Pro is the most advanced and proven solution available today, with thousands of users worldwide.

Features & Benefits:

  • Create storyboards, inspiration boards, trend boards, and related presentations.
  • Design garments, apparel line sheets, collection boards, and color trend sheets.
  • Arrange page layouts with images and text to create catalog content.
  • Browse fabric images and then drag and drop, position, scale, crop, stack, layer, and organize in any combination.
  • Drag and drop fabrics to fill garment sketches using sophisticated grain lines that rotate and scale designs automatically to garment specifications.
  • Import photographs and drag and drop fabrics that will map and drape photo-realistically.
  • Maximize media usage for large format peripherals with layout functionality.
  • Sophisticated text and logo capabilities.
  • Template feature allows for quick creation of standard layouts.
  • Import Adobe® Illustrator® (AI) files. Double click on the file and Illustrator® will be launched and any changes are updated automatically.
  • Print directly on any printer or export presentations in standard digital formats digital formats or Adobe® PDF.