Color Reduction & Cleaning Pro

Today’s retail, apparel, home furnishings and textile designers demand unparalleled performance from user-friendly software that delivers the highest quality products possible. Color Reduction and Cleaning Pro is one of the core modules included in Printing Studio Suite and offers the most specialized and versatile tools for processing scans of artwork and fabric samples alike.
Because scans capture an unlimited number colors, many designers face the challenge of converting the scan into a precise number of flat and tonal colors. Several color reduction techniques can be applied depending on the design type, and the real time preview window assures that you’ll achieve the results that you want in the least amount of time.
Following color reduction, a full complement of cleaning tools is available to remove unwanted imperfections in your design. Most of the cleaning tools can be applied automatically, allowing the user to spend far less time manually replacing stray dirt, fabric textures, or pencil lines. This is one of the most essential and beneficial offerings of Printing Studio Suite.

Features & Benefits:

  • Scan directly with industry standard scanner drivers.
  • Reduce and separate the number of colors from millions in a scan to just the desired number for your apparel, textile, and retail applications.
  • Import scan files, digital photographs, or any true color (RGB) file from other graphic applications.
  • Merge multiple scans with sophisticated rotation and alignment tools.
  • Color reduction generates flat colors, textures, tonal, and the most complex watercolor techniques.
  • Multiple views and preview windows display the color reduced result in real time, allowing for step by step control.
  • Cleaning tools are specialized for apparel and textile specific processes that eliminate colors where they are not wanted and replaces them with the correct colors automatically.
  • Unique black and white “film” view highlights colors to be cleaned.
  • Layering technology allows the visualization of the original scan under the color reduced image aiding in cleaning decisions.
  • Advanced scan filtering tools like brightness, contrast, blur, and sharpen.
  • Layout and design tools to step a file into repeat before the reduction process.
  • Area masking and filtering help to address even the most sophisticated designs.