Design & Repeat

Design and Repeat is a great fit for companies looking for an affordable, easy to use, advanced CAD design software for Fashion design or Home furnishings designs. We have fine-tuned Design and Repeat for specifically for designers. With hundreds of design tools, the software allows users to process designs for apparel and home furnishings with a minimal training. Designers can utilize sophisticated drawing and media tools to create designs from scratch or manipulate elements from scanned artwork and source fabrics.
Develop new concepts, collections, and coordinating designs by copying motifs, applying textures, and adding stripes, then customize the output to the precise scale and repeat size that is desired. Once the product is finalized, Design and Repeat offers file export in standard formats to productively collaborate with your customers and manufacturers. Get more done quickly and easily, while also achieving the highest possible quality.

Features & Benefits:

  • Design with layer technology for stacking various design elements.
  • Layers can be saved with the file for editing at a later time.
  • Supports all varieties of textile repeats, including complex mirroring.
  • Manage repeats with curved joins.
  • Offers a multitude of design functions for drawing and reproducing techniques.
  • Open and work between multiple files at the same time.
  • Visualize any number of interactive zoom views simultaneously.
  • Enhance designs or create coordinating patterns by isolating motifs, adding background textures, stripes, and effects.
  • No limitations for drawing over repeat boundaries.
  • Print results on paper or fabric printers for in-house review, customer presentations, and in place of  traditional samples.
  • Reduce interpretation by exporting manufacturing ready digital files.