Maintenance & Support

Your software investment begins with the initial software license fee, the implementation project, and the successful integration of the system into your business. Once you “go live”, continued return on investment depends on continuing education, application support, and ensuring you stay current with the latest software release. Quality software development, education, professional services, and Help Desk offerings are all key to maximizing the return on your software investment. Software maintenance and support is the vehicle for realizing this return on investment.

There Are Many Benefits of Maintenance, Including:

  • Toll-free Help Desk phone support
  • Yearly enhanced functionality software upgrades
  • Software enhancement updates
  • User group access to learn new features of enhanced versions
  • User group webinar follow-up sessions
  • Customer enhancement request management
  • Educational webinars
  • Upgrade and new software release education
If you would like to learn more about maintenance, please contact us here or call +1-212-921-2727.

To contact the Helpdesk for support, please call or fill out the form below:

NA/SA/AU/NZ Helpdesk: +1 888 463 6078
Europe Helpdesk: +32 5678 2800
Asia-Africa Helpdesk: +90 224 211 0086