True Coloring

True Coloring is a tool for recoloring and printing simulations. The True Coloring module of NedGraphics takes recoloring simulations to a new level. Currently, True Coloring supports simulations made with the Product Creator simulations for Jacquard fabrics, tufted carpet simulations made with the Tuft Enterprise module and the Texture simulations made with Texcelle.

To Give an Even Better User Experience We Have Enhanced the True Coloring Module With the Following Features:

  • To allow for time saving and to be able to compare simulations side by side, True Coloring will now open only once and not open every design you want to see in a separate True Coloring window.
  • When you are not working in a color calibrated environment, the use of color books is the best way to get the right colors on your print out. With an additional print feature, you can print color books or color ranges of the exact same structure you are using in your True Coloring simulation.
  • Integrated in Texture Simulation, Jacquard & Tuft.