Using SysPrep on Windows R2 and Acropolis – MirrorSphere

Using SysPrep on Windows R2 and Acropolis – MirrorSphere

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Sysprep download windows 2012 r2

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I customized a server r2 stock installation and let a 3rd party supplier install his software on the server. Customize Windows by adding drivers, changing settings, and installing programs. During the Sysprep sysrep, the PowerShell script launched a call to metadata service and grabbed sysprep download windows 2012 r2 instance’s instance-id. Customize the operating system as required. If you named the script anything other then DomainJoin. Windows Auto Domain Join using EC2Config and Sysprep Description Sysprep is a utility used by Microsoft Windows sysprep download windows 2012 r2 as a детальнее на этой странице to strip all of an images unique properties such as the server SID, the server name, the event logs, specific drivers, etc. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to feedback.

Windows Server R2 | Microsoft Evaluation Center.Sysprep (Generalize) a Windows installation | Microsoft Learn


When you generalize an image, Windows replaces the computer SID only on the operating system volume where you ran Sysprep. If a single computer has multiple operating systems, you must run Sysprep on each operating system individually. Generalizing a Windows installation uninstalls these configured devices, but doesn’t remove device drivers from the PC.

If you’re deploying an image to computers that have identical hardware and devices as the original PC, you can keep devices installed on the computer during system generalization by using an unattend file with Microsoft-Windows-PnpSysprep PersistAllDeviceInstalls set to true. You can run Sysprep command up to times on a single Windows image. After running Sysprep times, you must recreate your Windows image. Refer the following table:. In previous versions of Windows, you could use the SkipRearm answer file setting to reset the Windows Product Activation clock when running Sysprep.

If you are using a volume licensing key or a retail product key, you don’t have to use SkipRearm because Windows is automatically activated. The unattended Windows Setup answer file, typically called Unattend. The answer file enables the configuration of default Windows settings, as well as the addition of drivers, software updates, and other applications.

The answer file enables OEMs and corporations to customize Windows Setup tasks, for example, specifying disk configuration, changing the default values for Internet Explorer, and installing additional drivers.

The single answer file replaces all the answer files that were used in previous versions of Windows Unattend. Windows SIM enables you to customize the settings in a Windows image. Based on your configurations, you can create an unattended Windows Setup answer file, typically called Unattend.

This answer file is used during Windows Setup to apply your configurations to Windows. In the answer file, you can specify changes to default operating system components and add additional software, such as out-of-box drivers or product updates. On a reference VM computer, install the operating system and any programs that you want installed on your destination computers.

With the Nutanix platform and with de-duplication enabled, these Snapshots and Clones takes up very little space on the actual disk.

Now we are going to run Sysprep on Windows R2, this is very simple, just open a command prompt with Administrator rights and then ensure that you are in the correct folder. With the VM highlighted, Click on Clone. Under General Configuration , Complete the information that you require to create a clone or multiple clone VMs.

If creating multiple, you can also define how many 1 , a prefix 2 , the starting number 3. The final steps, that only take a few minutes in my experience, is to rename the Server and then add it to a domain. Now that you are creating new VMs from your Template, you will need to ensure that you periodically perform maintenance, like updating the latest Windows security and critical patches.

This is a simple case of reverting to the Snapshot you created before running the SysPrep command. Nutanix, AHV and Prism provide a very cohesive platform to use. AHV on a Nutanix platform can reduce your costs and if you are not a Service Provider, but a small to medium business, that does not need all the functionally that the other hypervisor vendors bring, but just require the basics, like High availability, the the combination of Using SysPrep on Windows R2 and Acropolis by Nutanix will be some real would cost saving, as you now longer need to pay annual renewal fees.

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[Sysprep download windows 2012 r2

Any new instance that is instantiated should automatically join our Windows Active Directory domain automatically at the time of provisioning. The unattend. Erasure Coding.


Sysprep (Generalize) a Windows installation | Microsoft server r2 sysprep – Microsoft Q&A

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