Easy Knit

Easy Knit provides all of the tools you need to design knit fabrics for sweaters, scarves, golf shirts, socks, sportswear, and the latest knit trends. Designers can start from scratch with no prerequisite knowledge of knitted fabric structures.
Easy Knit offers design tools that will allow you to interpret any graphic file into a knit fabrication of any density and quality. Once the design is completed you can find all the stitch types necessary in our exclusive visual library to find to create realistic knit simulations. Simulations can be colored instantly and will demonstrate the final result.
Work in technical grid format, or even directly in knit simulation view to see the precise stitch simulated while you change the design. This is especially useful when making complicated cable and open knit structures. Then, export your finished knit fabric in standard industry formats that are compatible with your suppliers manufacturing environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Create and printout life-size knit garments.
  • Layering technology allows application of embroideries.
  • Excellent fit for companies looking for an affordable and easy to use knit design solution.
  • Load and view scans of your actual fabric and use the advanced tracing functions to quickly recreate a duplicate virtual sample.
  • Input designs with precise technical information for gauge density and quality.
  • Create knits from scratch with various stitches types. Create stripes, or interpret any graphic design file into a knit fabric.
  • Designs can be viewed as realistic knit simulations with a large graphic stitch library including cables, front and back stitches, pique, and fancy stitches.
  • Stitch editor allows users to develop and render their own unique knit stitches.
  • Apply user defined texturing to enhance realistic knit fabric effects.
  • Select from existing library or create user defined symbols to represent various stitch types for manufacturing.
  • Export files in specific digital formats for communicating with knitting machines.
  • Manage the number of colors and number of color changes per row with minimum and maximum tolerances.
  • Automatically find and correct floats.