Easy Weave Software

NedGraphics Easy Weave Software offers all of the capabilities required by today’s woven designers to quickly create beautiful apparel and home furnishings fabrics. No technical weaving knowledge is necessary to express all of your ideas for striped, plaid, and even more sophisticated dobby patterned fabrics. Users can select from the included weave library for common weave types such as, twill, plain weave, satin, oxford, and herringbone.
Custom weave patterns can be entered from scratch, eventually combining several different weaves in the same design. Yarns of various shades and sizes can be selected to create the warp and weft color arrangements.
Apply unique fabric texturing and yarn shading, allowing you to print woven simulations that are so realistic you have to touch the paper to believe it’s not fabric. The simple and intuitive interface ensures users will be up and running in no time.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent fit for customer looking for affordable and easy to use woven design software.
  • Load and view scans of your actual fabric and use the advanced tracing functions to quickly recreate a duplicate virtual sample.
  • Full complement of tools for inputting various warp and weft color arrangements.
  • Select from hundreds of weaves in the library or input custom weave textures.
  • Input precise density of the fabric by number of ends/picks per inch or metric, with uneven constructions supported.
  • Change fabric densities with stripe sizes automatically preserved.
  • Includes a pre-defined weave library from the most common weaves to extremely sophisticated and complex weaves.
  • Offers a full palette of yarn colors that can be directly accessed and customized.
  • Input colors yarn by yarn, by dragging for size of stripe, or input by typing the number of yarns per stripe or width in inches or metric.
  • Generate simulations of the fabric, with realistic yarn sizing, shading and user-defined woven fabric texture.
  • Printed results can be used in place of traditional samples.
  • Export technical production information for use by manufacturing.